Book Fight

Mike revisits a book he loved as a 17-year-old, and makes Tom come along for the ride. How could that go wrong? Talking points include: hippies, the band Phish, rubber meatballs, creepy uncles, and gigantic thumbs. For more, including links to stuff discussed in the episode, visit

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Should you write while you're angry? Is historical fiction on the rise? And should someone's reading habits be a dating dealbreaker? This week we explore Tom's emotional landscape, and the musical preferences of Mike's ex-girlfriends. Also: Tom may have finally pushed Mike to the brink with his toe talk. Will this be the end of the podcast? For more, visit

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Historical magical realism and a mythical origin story for America, this week's book makes us second-guess how we're meant to rate the novels we read. Are we aiming for objectivity, or something more personal and idiosyncratic? Plus we judge a couple books by their covers, recommend a couple Netflix streaming documentaries, and possibly alienate any number of our listeners, as per usual. For more, visit

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Last week's guest, Dave Thomas, stuck around to help us answer questions about self-publishing, giving away your work for free, the differences between undergrad and graduate workshops, and the joys and aggravations of academia. Talking points include: free e-books, shrimp on the barbie, Tom getting punched in the face, bloomin' onions, Kiwis, the Rocka-Fire Explosion, and belletriciousness. For more, visit

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